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Dr.Reno Rudiman, dr.,MSc.,Sp.B-KBD.,FCSI.,FICS

Nutrition Aspects of Bariatric Patients

dr. Dikki Drajat, Sp.B.,Sp.BA(K)

Laparotomy vs. Laparoscopic for Pediatric Patients

dr. Bambang A.S. Sulthana, MM.,Sp.B-KBD

Blunt vs. Penetrating Abdominal Trauma

dr. Teguh Marfen Djajakusumah, M.Kes.,Sp.B(K)V

Aortic control in Trauma Patient and Gynecology Emergency

dr. Rani Septrina, Sp.BP-RE(K)

Wound Care for Cancer Lession

dr. Vita Indriasari, M.Kes., Sp.BA(K)

Step by Step Approach to Acute Abdomen in Children

dr. Almahitta Cintami Putri, Sp.BP-RE(K)

What to do for Skin Degloving: Preserve or Debride?

dr. Rama Nusjirwan, Sp.BTKV

Life Threatening Thoracic Trauma & Emergency Thoracotomy

dr. Kiki Akhmad Rizki, Sp.B(K)Onk, MMRS., M.Kes

Emergencies in Head and Neck Cancer

dr. Tommy Ruchimat, Sp.B-KBD

Diagnosis Approach & Preoperative Management for Total Mechanical Bowel Obstruction

dr. Monty Priosodewo Soemitro, SpB(K)Onk.,M.Kes.,MMRS

Emergencies in Breast Cancer

dr. Haryono Yarman, Sp.B-KBD

How to Create A Perfect Stoma

Dr. Dzulfikar DLH, dr.,SpA(K).,MKes.,MMRS

Perioperative Care for Emergency Surgery in Pediatric Patients

Dr.dr.Akhmad Imron,Sp.BS(K),M.Kes

How to Perform Craniotomy & Craniectomy for Head Trauma

Prof.Dr. Ahmad Faried, SpBS(K).,PhD.,FICS

Trepanation and Burr Hole in Acute Care Surgery

dr. Indra Prasetya Yarman, Sp.B(K)V

Vascular Trauma, what should we know & do?

dr. Kuncoro Adi, SpU(K)

Retroperitoneal Trauma: When & How To Do Exploration Surgery?

Dr.dr. Harry Galuh Nugraha, Sp.Rad.(K)

Imaging for Acute Abdomen in Children

dr. Adji Kusumadjati, Sp.Onk.Rad.,M.Kes

Role of Radiotherapy for Oncology Emergencies

dr. Renaldi Prasetia Hermawan Nagar Rasyid, SpOT(K).,M.Kes(AIFO)

Management of extremity fractures in the polytrauma patient

dr. Gibran Tristan Alpharian, Sp.OT(K)

Pelvic Fracture Stabilization & Management

dr. Radian Ahmad Halimi, SpAn.,KNA.,MKes

Anaestesiology Consideration for Head & Maxillofacial Trauma: What Surgeon Must Know?

Dr.Med.Sc.dr. Irma Ruslina Defi, Sp.KFR(K)

Rehabilitation for Patients with Limb Trauma

dr. Nurly Hestika., M.Gizi.,SpGK

Nutritional Support for Patient with Compromized Bowel Function

dr. Sitha Christine, Sp.BP-RE

Step by Step of ORIF for Mandible Fracture


dr. Nurhayat Usman, Sp.B-KBD.,FINACS

Mechanical Bowel Obstruction

dr. Maman Abdurahman, Sp.B(K)Onk

Oncology Emergencies

dr. Kurniawan Oky Pamungkas, Sp.BA

Acute Abdomen in Children

dr. Lisa Y. Hasibuan, Sp.BP-RE(K)

Moderator - Head & Maxillofacial Trauma

dr. Navy Laksmono, SpBTKV.,FICS

Thoraco-Abdominal Trauma


Dr.Reno Rudiman, dr.,MSc.,Sp.B-KBD.,FCSI.,FICS


dr. Irra Rubianti Widarda, Sp.B.,Sp.BP-RE(K)


dr. Putie Hapsari, Sp.B(K)V

Ketua Panitia

dr. Rani Septrina, Sp.BP-RE(K)


dr. Tommy Ruchimat, Sp.B-KBD

Seksi Dana dan Usaha

dr. Euis Maryani, Sp.B.,Sp.BT(K)V

Seksi Informasi & Teknologi

dr. Vita Indriasari, M.Kes., Sp.BA(K)

Seksi Konsumsi

dr. Indra Prasetya Yarman, Sp.B(K)V

Seksi Ilmiah

dr. Dodi Lintong Hartoni Lumban Gaol, Sp.B

Seksi Acara

dr. Alma Wijaya, Sp.B

Seksi Logistik

dr. Rupita Sari Endangena Sitanggang, Sp.B


dr. Navy Laksmono, SpBTKV.,FICS

Seksi Publikasi & Dokumentasi